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About Me 

I was born in Hemel Hempstead in the fifties.  I was raised and schooled there.  
During this time I developed an interest in electronics and Radio.  Offshore Radio was active at this time and my love of Radio Caroline was born.  

I went to college at Welyn Garden City and studied Electronics for two years.  
After this I moved to Fareham in the south of the UK.  Here I stayed, got married, had two children and brought and sold houses with a long career in Radio and TV engineering.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's.  This was not the end of life but like being reborn into a more exciting life.  Suddenly I could right poetry, I could paint, non of which I could do before.

In 2019 my marriage to my second wife broke down and I moved to Derby.  
Since then Parkinson's has progressed and I have had to give up work.  
To keep myself as active as possible I continue to paint and write poetry.  I also present the odd Radio show on Shaky Radio. I also like using my new found creative skills slowly putting together websites, such as this one